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  • MBA-220
  • MBA-220
  • MBA-220
  • MBA-220
  • MBA-220
  • MBA-220


  • Dual 10 inch woofer (100magnet,25 core) + 70 magnet tweeter
  • Function:USB/TF/bluetooth,/digital display/wireless Microphones,/remote control/DJ disco karaoke light
  • passive pair audio speaker
  • super bass high power
  • Description: MBA speakers, a professional audio speakers factory/ manufacturer with over 20 years mainly produce bookshelf speakers, karaoke speakers, portable speakers, trolley speakers, wifi speakers, wireless speakers, active speakers, bluetooth speakers, PA speakers, video karaoke machine, super high power music boxes, multi-media multi-functional home theater audio. contact me by sales@mbaspeakers.com or
Model Name MBA-220
Speaker Unit Dual 10 inch woofer (100magnet,25 core) + 70 magnet tweeter
Function TWS/USB/Bluetooth/SD Card/MMC/FM radio/Record/Remote/Digital display
Bottons Master Volume/Treble/Bass/MIC Volume/MIC Bass/MIC Treble/Guitar Volume
IC A1941/C5198
Input MIC/Guitar/Audio/AC input
Output Audio output
AC 110V-240V 50Hz-60Hz
RMS Power 120W * 2
Peak Power 400W
Antenna with 1 PC FM RADIO antenna
Light woofer with LED flash light / both side with flame lamp strip
Working Time AC long-time working
Microphone with 1 PC fixed-frequency UHF wireless microphone.
Accessories Wireless MIC, User Manual , Adapter ,Audio line, Remote
Product Size 350*340*937mm
Package Size 390*380*997mm
CBM(m³) 0.296m³


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