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ABS trolley speakers

  • MB-F12 12
  • MB-F12 12
MB-F12 12MB-F12 12

MB-F12 12" woofer trolley speaker

  • Model No:MB-F12
  • Type:trolley active battery speaker
  • Description: High performance speaker with 12" drivers lets you create the sonic excitement of a movie theater or concert hall in the convenience of your very own home. This speaker has enough power to rattle the walls and keep the neighbors up all night with your favorite tunes.

Product Description

2.Knobs: Main Vol./treble/echo/bass/mic volumn
3.guitar input/USB/TF/FM/Bluetooth/remote control/Led light/LED display
4. 12'' woofer+80Ctweeter
5. 7.4V 1800mA lead lithium battery;
6. charger by adaptor 9V,1.5A



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