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wooden trolley speakers

  • SA-8109 15
  • SA-8109 15
  • SA-8109 15
SA-8109 15SA-8109 15SA-8109 15

SA-8109 15" woofer trolley speaker

  • Model No.:SA-8109
  • Type: trolley battery speaker/line array speaker/professional stage speaker
  • Speaker unit:15 inch woofer + Dual 10 inch mid-range driver + horn tweeter
  • Description: This is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy set up is a must. Ideal in live sound reinforcement and reliable installed situation. Our SA-8109 also with unique aluminum alloy edging, anti-collision protecting design, all-round wheels for movement.

Product Description

Model Name SA-8109A
Speaker Unit 15 inch Woofer + 10 inch mid-range *2 + Treble
Functions USB/SD/Bluetooth/FM radio/REC/Remote/Digital display
Features Hi-Fi super clear sound
1000W Super Power
Bottons Volume/Treble/Bass/Audio/MIC.Vol+Treble+bass+Delay+Echo+Replay/Guitar.Vol*4
Input AUX/ MIC *2/Guitar*4/DC Fuse 20AH/DC 12V/AC input
Output No
AC 110V - 240V / 50-60Hz
DC 12V 24AH
Microphone with 2PC good UHF microphones
Battery 12V 24AH lead acid battery
Working Time Peaking power playing time : 70 minutes
Remote 1 PC remote



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